Buying and selling a real estate asset


LBMB  provides clients personalized assistance in the sale or acquisition of real estate assets.

Such transactions require experienced advice tailored to the specific needs of the parties involved.

An acquisition or sale involves obtaining the seller’s acceptance of the acquirer’s purchase offer. Acceptance of the purchase offer is first documented by signing a promise to sale subject to certain conditions (obtaining a loan, ceding the right to refuse, etc.) and is then confirmed by the execution of the sales agreement under which the acquirer becomes the owner.

Because the legal documents produced for the sale of real estate assets are often multiple and difficult to understand, it is essential to have the assistance of an experienced notary you can trust.

In connection with your acquisitions and sales projects, in choosing LBMB Notaries you can count on a team that understands your specific needs and will take charge of your project with pragmatism:

  • Gather the necessary documents
  • Provide you an analysis of the asset being sold
  • Draft documents in a manner that best protects your interests
  • And respond to all your questions and concerns, and assist you with the required formalities throughout the entire acquisition process