Real Estate Negotiation

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and its mechanisms, we offer a real estate negotiation service to assist you in the sale of your properties.
From the establishment of the opinion of value by a real estate expert to the signing of the deed of sale, through the visit of the property, the search for buyers, the receipt of offers to purchase and the signing of the promise to sell, we will be at your side.

The negotiation fee applied by LBMB Notaires is calculated according to the following rates
– 6,00% VAT incl. for a net selling price less than or equal to 200.000 €,
– 4,5% VAT incl. for a net selling price higher than 200.000 € and lower or equal to 500.000 €,
– 3.9% VAT incl. for a net selling price of more than €500,000.

Contact Negotiation Department:

Anne-Sophie Hubert-Cardon
Email :
Téléphone : 06 20 68 30 18